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Sara Assicurazioni

Il Gruppo Sara è la compagnia ufficiale dell’Automobile Club Italia (ACI) che è la più grande libera associazione di cittadini.

Sara Assicurazioni si pone come punto di riferimento per le famiglie, professionisti e PMI grazie ad una gamma di prodotti assicurativi che rispondono a tutte le esigenze legate alla sicurezza personale, patrimoniale e del tenore di vita.

sara for paralympics


Radius is an international technology company providing technology to support enterprise fleets of all sizes worldwide, establishing itself as a reliable and long-standing partner.

Radius is a global investor, operating locally at the country level to ensure maximum support based on customer needs.

Robotic Solutions

Leading Italian company in the supply of robotic equipment.
The company believed in the association Bionic People and decided to support us from 2021.

Orthopedic center

The Officina Ortopedica Maria Adelaide is certified for the design, production, and sale of customized orthopedic equipment.
Here is where you can find the technical experience combined with the kindness you expect.

Leading company in prosthetics

Ottobock is a leading company in the prosthetic world and has always been committed to improving the quality of life.
They are specialized in the production of prostheses at a very advanced technological level.

SOMP Ortopedia Pomezia

Orthopedic center

The Orthopedic Center Minicucci Pomezia has operated for 30 years throughout the province of Rome and offers services to its customers, both privately and in agreement with the ASL, thanks to the internal laboratory and qualified orthopedic technicians.

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